How to Get Involved with Mamma’s Hands by Wayne Demeester

Mamma’s Hands is a Seattle-based charity organization that provides services to the homeless community in the city. The organization delivers clothes, food, and other supplies; provides shelter to women and children at House of Hope; and allows those in need to reach out to family members through the Phone Home Program. If you’re interested in getting involved, there are two primary ways you can help:

1. Volunteer: The organization is always looking for new volunteers. Volunteers can be of great assistance with the Phone Home Program, where they will ride the Mamma’s Hand bus to find groups of homeless people and allow them usage of phones to call home. Volunteers can also lend time at the House of Hope by gardening, painting, building, babysitting, and more. Additionally, volunteers can organize and coordinate clothing and food drives, volunteer as job search counselors, and provide assistance with special events.

2. Contribute: If you want to help but do not have a lot of spare time, you can always give a financial contribution at a fundraising event or simply over the Internet or via the mail.

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About the author: Wayne Demeester is an investment banker who works in Seattle, Tempe, and St. George, Washington. He is the cofounder of Definitive Advisors, LLC and a principal in Blue Sky inc.