Wayne Demeester: Mamma’s Hands, A Nonprofit With a Goal

Operating from a base in Bellevue, Washington, the mission of the charity organization Mamma’s Hands is not only to feed and house people who are homeless, but also to help them regain hope and dignity. Mamma’s Hands began in 1990 as the result of an encounter between businessman Denny Hancock and two street people, a father and son. Spurred to action, Hancock began distributing clothing, blankets, and food to an expanding group.

Hancock found other, unique ways to serve, starting the Phone Home program, in which volunteers carrying cell phones encourage the homeless to call their families and possibly reunite with them. This effort has helped hundreds of people renew family ties.

Mamma’s Hands also operates the House of Hope in western Washington. The facility provides a secure shelter for women and children, where they can learn principles of independent living. The House of Hope uses a tough love approach to improve life skills and provide educational opportunities.

About Wayne Demeester: A supporter of Mamma’s Hands, Wayne Demeester is a registered investment adviser, working in Seattle; St. George, Utah; and Tempe, Arizona.


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