Mamma’s Hands House of Hope Program

Mamma’s Hands House pic
Mamma’s Hands House

Financial executive Wayne Demeester is the managing director for Definitive Advisors, LLC, based in Bellevue, Washington. Outside of his work with the financial advising firm, Wayne Demeester contributes to multiple charitable organizations, including Mamma’s Hands.

Among the programs and services that Mamma’s Hands sponsors is the House of Hope program, which focuses on providing a safe living environment for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. Along with access to a variety of legal and mental health services, occupants of the House of Hope can also learn valuable life skills that help them on their journey to independence from the lives they leave behind.

During their stay with House of Hope, residents are able to speak with professional counselors one-on-one as well as attend group therapy sessions to meet other women who have undergone similar experiences. Life skill development programs available on location include courses on parenting, cooking, budgeting, home efficiency, and automobile care.


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