Mamma’s Hands Provides Hope for Women and Children

Mamma’s Hands pic
Mamma’s Hands

Since 2010, Wayne Demeester has been the managing director for Definitive Advisors, LLC, a Seattle-based financial services company. Wayne Demeester spends time in charitable work as well, by supporting Mamma’s Hands, a Washington State-based charity that provides assistance for individuals in crisis.

One of Mamma’s Hands programs is House of Hope. Located in Western Washington, House of Hope provides support and shelter for women and children in crisis by offering them a safe place to stay and resources to help them to break away from cycles of dependence and abuse. Residents are provided with group and individual counseling services, mental health assessments, life skills training, and opportunities for personal development.

House of Hope teaches residents positive family values and offers parenting and budgeting classes. In addition, preschool-age children are given social and educational opportunities. Ultimately, House of Hope aims to transition its residents into safe, independent living situations, where they can continue to receive needed support while working toward full self-sufficiency.