Soltis Investment Advisors Representative Named to Barron’s Top 1,200

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Soltis Investment Advisors

A resident of Washington, Wayne Demeester oversees Definitive Advisors, LLC, as managing director. Wayne Demeester helps clients obtain wealth management services through Soltis Investment Advisors, a partner of Definitive Advisors, LLC.

In 2015, Soltis Investment Advisors’ Hal Anderson was named to the Top 1,200 list by Barron’s, a publication catering to senior executives and professionals in the financial industry. Mr. Anderson joined a list of financial advisors from Wall Street firms and independent agencies, all of which performed solidly despite record low interest rates during the past five years.

Shedding a positive light on Soltis Investment Advisors, he demonstrated excellence in areas of quality of practice, assets under management, and revenues generated. Overall, nearly $1.7 million in assets and $15 million in typical net worth were achieved. His clients included individual and high-net-worth clients. The latter group includes customers with $1 million to $10 million in assets.


Stipulations of CEFEX Certification

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CEFEX Certification

An investment professional with more than two decades of experience, Wayne Demeester co-founded Definitive Advisors, LLC. Through the firm, Wayne Demeester helps clients obtain wealth management services through Soltis Investment Advisors.

In April of 2015, Soltis Investment Advisors was issued a certificate of registration from the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). The certificate represents expertise in ERISA retirement plans and wealth management services.

In order to be issued a certificate of registration, a firm must pass the CEFEX certification audit. The audit stipulates that advisory firms and its advisors adhere to the following: they must create portfolio plans that reflect the risk and return profiles of their clients, they must exercise prudence when documenting and monitoring portfolio performance, and they must manage transactions without any conflict of interest. Further, all advisors are required to possess a strong comprehension of standards and regulations to ensure compliance with laws. These requirements are based on the Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors, a document created by fi360, Inc, the leading organization of fiduciary training resources.

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