About the inFlow Intraurethral Valve-Pump and Patient Support System

Vesiflo pic
Image: vesiflo.com

A longtime financial executive, Wayne Demeester serves as the managing director of Definitive Advisors, LLC, a registered investment advisor in the state of Washington. Wayne Demeester also sits on the board of the medical-device manufacturer Vesiflo.

Vesiflo’s flagship product is the inFlow Intreurethral Valve-Pump, a urinary prosthesis that helps women with impaired detrusor contractility (IDC). The condition inhibits the body from producing the bladder pressure needed to urinate spontaneously. Women diagnosed with IDC typically have other, related medical conditions, such as a spinal cord injury or diabetic neuropathy.

The prosthetic inFlow device eliminates the need for a passive urinary catheter, which must be changed multiple times daily. Instead, women using the inFlow device do not need to replace it for up to 29 days. If necessary, patients can remove the device safely on their own.

Vesiflo offers additional aid with the inFlow Patient Support System. Commonly referred to as the PSS, the technology leverages a “smart” remote control known as the Activator to record user voids. The data is then sent to the Cloud. The purpose of the PSS is to identify unhealthy bladder issues and allow for early intervention. Together, clinicians and their patients can review the data and determine treatment options that support improved health.