About Wayne Demeester

Currently a principle private equity investor with RSS & Company, LLC, Wayne DeMeester has played a key role in the investment services industry for nearly three decades. Mr. DeMeester was educated at Utah’s Brigham Young University where he served as a Teaching Assistant to a professor instructing students in investment strategies. After graduating with a Master of Business Administration, Wayne DeMeester embarked on a successful career as a financial advisor to both individuals and corporations.

From 1994 to 2010, Mr. DeMeester was a Managing Director of Corporate and Executive Services at Wachovia Securities. Serving in their Investments and Corporate Finance Division, he oversaw a team of four professionals to direct financial investments and risk management for institutions and high net worth individuals. During this time, Mr. DeMeester achieved the Platinum Level of the Chairman’s Circle of Excellence.

In 2010, Wayne DeMeester left Wachovia to accept a position as Senior Vice President of Capital Markets and Private Equity at KBR Capital Partners. In his role, he advised accredited investors on private investments by appointment and through a series of seminars. Mr. DeMeester’s primary focus at KBR Capital Partners was commercial real estate ventures.

In his present position with RRS & Company, Wayne DeMeester continues to assist clients with alternative real estate investments, allowing them to capitalize on the dynamic growth that this sector has experienced in contrast to traditional asset allocation models.

When he is not working, Mr. DeMeester is active with several charities and professional organizations including the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at Brigham Young University. He also enjoys traveling, playing golf, and reading books about history.


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