Soltis Earns a Spot Among Top 150 RIAs

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Soltis Investment Advisors

Wayne Demeester is an investment advisor in Washington State with three decades of experience. In his current capacity Wayne Demeester works closely with Soltis, a Utah-based investment advisory firm. Soltis recently earned distinction for being among the top 150 Fee-Only Registered Investment advisory firms (RIAs) in 2016. Soltis was one of only three RIAs in the Rocky Mountain region to earn a spot on the list.

Soltis offers a variety of financial planning and investment management services. The firm is headquartered in St. George, Utah, and a second office was recently opened in Salt Lake City. As a fee-only firm, Soltis only accepts compensation from its clients as opposed to accepting payment from third parties. Additionally, Soltis is a fiduciary, which means that financial advice and investment options offered by Soltis are completely determined by each client’s needs and desires.

The list of the best 150 RIA firms was created by Financial Planning magazine. The list is limited to independent advisory firms, which means that firms owned by outside management and firms that are closely affiliated with insurance companies weren’t included in the rankings.


Soltis Investment Advisors Representative Named to Barron’s Top 1,200

Soltis Investment Advisors pic
Soltis Investment Advisors

A resident of Washington, Wayne Demeester oversees Definitive Advisors, LLC, as managing director. Wayne Demeester helps clients obtain wealth management services through Soltis Investment Advisors, a partner of Definitive Advisors, LLC.

In 2015, Soltis Investment Advisors’ Hal Anderson was named to the Top 1,200 list by Barron’s, a publication catering to senior executives and professionals in the financial industry. Mr. Anderson joined a list of financial advisors from Wall Street firms and independent agencies, all of which performed solidly despite record low interest rates during the past five years.

Shedding a positive light on Soltis Investment Advisors, he demonstrated excellence in areas of quality of practice, assets under management, and revenues generated. Overall, nearly $1.7 million in assets and $15 million in typical net worth were achieved. His clients included individual and high-net-worth clients. The latter group includes customers with $1 million to $10 million in assets.

Charitable Giving Consultation at Soltis and Definitive Advisors, LLC

Wayne Demeester draws on over three decades of experience in the financial services sector to lead Definitive Advisors, LLC, as managing director. In this capacity, Wayne Demeester leads the firm to offer nonbiased, transparent financial services and products through its referral partnership with Soltis Investment Advisors.

Definitive Advisors, LLC, directs clients to Soltis for a variety of wealth management services such as tax, investment, and estate planning. In addition to helping clients prepare for the future with its retirement plan offerings, the firm also assists individuals in deciding how to best leverage their resources to benefit the wider community.

Soltis helps clients enrich both their own lives and the lives of others by offering guidance on charitable giving and working to determine how much families and individuals can comfortably allot towards philanthropy. In addition to providing insight into how much clients can afford to give, Soltis offers direction regarding the most effective ways to support charitable causes. The firm considers a number of philanthropic strategies when developing charitable giving plans, including cash or in-kind donations, private foundations, and remainder trusts. In working to help customers solidify their charitable goals, Soltis often collaborates with clients’ estate planning attorneys to offer even broader knowledge and support.

Advantages of Working with Soltis Investment Advisors

An accomplished wealth management professional, Wayne Demeester has earned decades of experience in the financial services sector. Today, Wayne Demeester, a registered investment advisor, carries out financial duties through his privately owned business, Definitive Advisors, LLC.

Licensed to practice in the state of Washington, Definitive Advisors, LLC, collaborates with Soltis Investment Advisors, LLC, to offer a variety of retirement planning and wealth management services. Growing significantly since its beginnings in 1992, Soltis Investment Advisors currently works with accountants, foundations, and trustees among other entities to offer valuable financial guidance. The company strives to maintain transparency in its practices by upholding a code of ethics that safeguards personal investments.

Also, in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Soltis Investment Advisors ensures its clients’ information remains confidential. The firm’s advisors are guided by a privacy policy, provided to clients, that outlines regulations and procedures for protecting consumer personal information. The policy covers how nonpublic personal information is acquired and disclosed as well as security features that give only the client’s advisor access to the account.

Key Changes in Tax Laws for 2013

A registered investment advisor who works in the state of Washington, Wayne Demeester is a principal in Blue Skye LLC and a co-founder of Definitive Advisors, LLC. Wayne Demeester offers a range of wealth management and retirement planning products and services for clients, including tax planning. He keeps his clients informed on important changes in tax laws, such as those that are occurring in 2013.

With the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts, Congress has passed new legislation that revises the tax code for 2013. A new 39.6% tax rate applies to single tax filers earning over $400,000, or head-of-household filers earning in excess of $425,000. The 39.6% rate also applies to married couples who file joint returns with a combined income over $450,000, or with an income exceeding $225,000 if they file separately. This new tax rate represents a 4.6% increase from the previous year.

Higher income taxpayers can also expect other changes. There are new surtaxes on investment income, as well as additional healthcare-related taxes. For persons making more than $200,000, an additional .9% will be assessed for Medicare taxes. For individuals with unearned income exceeding $200,000, or for married couples filing jointly and earning more than $250,000, a 3.8% Affordable Care Act surcharge will be assessed. Additionally, some high-income earners may also be affected by reductions in personal exemptions and itemized deductions in 2013.

Wayne Demeester: Mamma’s Hands, A Nonprofit With a Goal

Operating from a base in Bellevue, Washington, the mission of the charity organization Mamma’s Hands is not only to feed and house people who are homeless, but also to help them regain hope and dignity. Mamma’s Hands began in 1990 as the result of an encounter between businessman Denny Hancock and two street people, a father and son. Spurred to action, Hancock began distributing clothing, blankets, and food to an expanding group.

Hancock found other, unique ways to serve, starting the Phone Home program, in which volunteers carrying cell phones encourage the homeless to call their families and possibly reunite with them. This effort has helped hundreds of people renew family ties.

Mamma’s Hands also operates the House of Hope in western Washington. The facility provides a secure shelter for women and children, where they can learn principles of independent living. The House of Hope uses a tough love approach to improve life skills and provide educational opportunities.

About Wayne Demeester: A supporter of Mamma’s Hands, Wayne Demeester is a registered investment adviser, working in Seattle; St. George, Utah; and Tempe, Arizona.

An Overview of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, by Wayne Demeester

With the help of chapters in 57 countries, the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) enables children with serious diseases to recover alongside their families. RMHC provides a place for families to stay while a child is in the hospital. This service applies to children up to 18 or 21 years of age.

The history of RMHC began in Philadelphia, where the first house opened in 1974, initiated by Dr. Audrey Evans, several members of the Philadelphia Eagles organization, and McDonald’s regional manager Ed Rensi. The first house was sponsored partially with the proceeds of McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. Since then, donations from McDonald’s, other corporations, and individuals have made possible an expansion to 309 Houses around the world.

Over its nearly 40 years of operation, RMHC has established two other programs to carry out its mission. The Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, located in hospitals, provide such services as shower and laundry facilities, Internet access, and a quiet room. The Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles travel to underserved areas and offer education, diagnosis, and treatment to meet pediatric medical needs.

About Wayne Demeester: A former board member of Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Charities, investment adviser Wayne Demeester assisted RRS & Company of Tempe, Arizona, in raising $100 million for its Private Equity Pathfinder Fund.