Mamma’s Hands House of Hope Program

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Mamma’s Hands House

Financial executive Wayne Demeester is the managing director for Definitive Advisors, LLC, based in Bellevue, Washington. Outside of his work with the financial advising firm, Wayne Demeester contributes to multiple charitable organizations, including Mamma’s Hands.

Among the programs and services that Mamma’s Hands sponsors is the House of Hope program, which focuses on providing a safe living environment for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. Along with access to a variety of legal and mental health services, occupants of the House of Hope can also learn valuable life skills that help them on their journey to independence from the lives they leave behind.

During their stay with House of Hope, residents are able to speak with professional counselors one-on-one as well as attend group therapy sessions to meet other women who have undergone similar experiences. Life skill development programs available on location include courses on parenting, cooking, budgeting, home efficiency, and automobile care.


What Is Wealth Management?

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Wayne Demeester, Wealth Management

Brigham Young University graduate Wayne Demeester is a financial executive with 30 years of experience. As managing director for the Bellevue, Washington-based firm Definitive Advisors, LLC, Wayne Demeester focuses on providing wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals.

The term wealth management refers to consultative services delivered by investment and financial advisors to increase the monetary prosperity of their clients. Wealth management differs from traditional investment advice because these advisors typically provide comprehensive services, overseeing multiple or all financial aspects of a client’s life.

Services commonly provided by wealth management firms include accounting and tax services as well as retirement and estate planning. Additionally, wealth management may include advising on charitable donations as well as risk management within investment portfolios.

In addition to utilizing their own knowledge to make decisions, financial professionals who practice wealth management may also work in conjunction with a client’s insurance team, accountant, and legal representative to control his or her fiscal interests.

Charitable Giving Consultation at Soltis and Definitive Advisors, LLC

Wayne Demeester draws on over three decades of experience in the financial services sector to lead Definitive Advisors, LLC, as managing director. In this capacity, Wayne Demeester leads the firm to offer nonbiased, transparent financial services and products through its referral partnership with Soltis Investment Advisors.

Definitive Advisors, LLC, directs clients to Soltis for a variety of wealth management services such as tax, investment, and estate planning. In addition to helping clients prepare for the future with its retirement plan offerings, the firm also assists individuals in deciding how to best leverage their resources to benefit the wider community.

Soltis helps clients enrich both their own lives and the lives of others by offering guidance on charitable giving and working to determine how much families and individuals can comfortably allot towards philanthropy. In addition to providing insight into how much clients can afford to give, Soltis offers direction regarding the most effective ways to support charitable causes. The firm considers a number of philanthropic strategies when developing charitable giving plans, including cash or in-kind donations, private foundations, and remainder trusts. In working to help customers solidify their charitable goals, Soltis often collaborates with clients’ estate planning attorneys to offer even broader knowledge and support.

BYU Business Model Competition – Building the Path to Start-Up Success

Wayne Demeester lends more than three decades of professional experience to Definitive Advisors, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm in the state of Washington. In preparation for his financial career, Wayne Demeester developed his educational background at Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business.

Responsible financial management is key to any successful business venture, but a solid business model is an equally important step in pursuing new ventures. More than 85 percent of start-ups fail within their first few years, often because they lack the ability to adapt to customer needs. Advancing its reputation as home to one of the leading business programs in the nation, the Marriott School’s Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology is proud to cohost with Harvard and Stanford the International Business Model Competition (IBMC), one of the first of its kind in the world. In preparation for competition in the IBMC, BYU is hosting its own Business Model Competition. Students are invited to develop a business model fulfilling a specific need, actively test their assumptions with their target consumers, and record their changes and start-up stories in a short presentation (5 to 8 minutes). The standards for judgment closely resemble those outlined in the IBMC, and top-winning teams receive cash prizes as well as an opportunity to compete on a national level.

Advantages of Working with Soltis Investment Advisors

An accomplished wealth management professional, Wayne Demeester has earned decades of experience in the financial services sector. Today, Wayne Demeester, a registered investment advisor, carries out financial duties through his privately owned business, Definitive Advisors, LLC.

Licensed to practice in the state of Washington, Definitive Advisors, LLC, collaborates with Soltis Investment Advisors, LLC, to offer a variety of retirement planning and wealth management services. Growing significantly since its beginnings in 1992, Soltis Investment Advisors currently works with accountants, foundations, and trustees among other entities to offer valuable financial guidance. The company strives to maintain transparency in its practices by upholding a code of ethics that safeguards personal investments.

Also, in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Soltis Investment Advisors ensures its clients’ information remains confidential. The firm’s advisors are guided by a privacy policy, provided to clients, that outlines regulations and procedures for protecting consumer personal information. The policy covers how nonpublic personal information is acquired and disclosed as well as security features that give only the client’s advisor access to the account.

About the 2014 IMCA Advanced Wealth Management Conference in San Diego

As an MBA graduate and CIMA-certified financial services advisor, Wayne DeMeester brings more than three decades of professional experience to Seattle-based Definitive Advisors, LLC. In addition to completing advanced CIMA training through the Investment Management Consultants Association.

The IMCA was established in 1985 to promote the best industry practices and credential standards within the wealth management industry. Pursuant to this goal, the IMCA will be hosting the 2014 Advanced Wealth Management Conference in San Diego on October 6-7. Serving more than 9,000 members, the conference provides invaluable educational and networking opportunities to more than 9,000 members. In addition to plenary lectures from several renowned speakers, including nationally published author and economist Anna Bernasek, the event will provide highly specialized insight into the unique demands of high-net-worth clients regarding specialized investment strategies and gift planning, wealth transfer, and tax laws.

For a full schedule of workshops and speakers, visit

Making the Most of Your Money While Giving Back

Wayne Demeester, a financial services professional for more than 30 years, currently fulfills executive duties with Seattle-based Definitive Advisors, LLC. Wayne Demeester also remains an active patron of the local Seattle-based charity Mamma’s Hands.

Founded in 1990, Mamma’s Hands began after a chance encounter with the organization’s founder, Denny Hancock, and a displaced father and son. Witnessing the unconditional love between the two and the difficulties they faced, Mr. Hancock went on to purchase a delivery truck and distribute food, clothing, and blankets throughout Seattle. Now Mamma’s Hands provides essential support to hundreds of Seattle residents and has since expanded its services to include the Phone Home Program and the House of Hope, a housing program which strives to break generational cycles of abuse by providing a stable, supportive environment for women and children. Mamma’s Hands continues to rely on the support of generous individuals to continue funding these essential programs and helping underserved individuals.

Anyone interested in supporting Mamma’s Hands can make the most of their online purchases with the AmazonSmile Foundation. To donate .5 percent of Amazon purchases to Mamma’s Hands or to another charity, shoppers can visit